A Chance in Life

Principles and practice in basic primary education for children
by Kimberly Ogadhoh & Marion Molteno

A chance in life report cover

This practical booklet highlights the contrast between the almost universal belief in the value of education with the depressing quality of schooling actually available for many of the world’s most disadvantaged children, and gives examples of how the school experience can be improved even in the most difficult situations.

Bringing together experience from many different contexts around the world, it argues for a school experience that is relevant to children’s lives, the encouragement of learning through activity, education systems that are inclusive and developmental, and recognition of the vital role of positive adult-child relationships.

ISBN 1 89912 069 6
A4 64pages
Save the Children, 1998
Translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Russian, Chinese, Burmese, Hindi, Pharsee, Pushtu
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