Short memoirs

What was once a city

IMG_31071st prize in Fish Publishing’s short memoir competition
& Yeovil Literary Competition

The Fish competition receives over 5,000 entries, world-wide. The top 10 stories, short memoirs, poems & flash fiction (very short stories) are published in the annual Fish Anthology – so it’s full of interesting pieces. It can be ordered on Amazon, paperback or e-book.

The story: In my first months of working for Save the Children, by accident and totally unprepared, I landed up in the midst of a civil war. This is what happened …

 Marti Leimbach, Fish Publishing’s judge, said, ‘The terrific energy of the writing conveys the chaos of Mogadishu, and she is willing to not only show us the realities of the city’s war time demise, but her own naïve notions, her frank ignorance, her earnestness and budding bravery in the face of it all.’ 


Tales I tell my grandchildren


 published in a  Knock Twice: 25 modern folktales for troubling times. The anthology was edited by Andrew Simms, director of the New Weather Institute – with contributions from campaigners for social justice, environmentalists and others who agree with Philip Pullman, that ‘Stories are one of the most ancient and most effective ways of making sense of the world.’

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