On education

Much of my working life has been spent working in education — with pre-shool age children in Zambia, in multicultural Britain with adults learning English, school children learning the language of their community, and asylum seekers learning how to survive in a new country. While leading Save the Children’s work in education internationally,  I travelled to places tourists never see, to work alongside remarkable local people.  The books that came out of this experience  brought together examples of what local groups had done, with international funding support,  to improve the educational chances of children growing up in extremely challenging situations. They reflect the collective experience of people in over 30 countries. I mentored those who had pioneered education programmes to write up what they had done, and edited what they produced into a series of short books to share experience among practitioners. The books have been translated into a number of languages and used around the world. If you are someone who donates to charities like Save the Children, they will  give you some idea of how the money is used to enable great local initiatives to have a wider impact.

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