It’s here!

My new book has arrived – my writer’s memoir … It follows the journeys my novels have taken me on – across distance but also the discoveries within. Amazing feeling to hold in my hands something I’ve been living with one way or another for a long time. Thank you to all my readers for your encouraging responses to my books over the years. I couldn’t have kept going without you – and I hope you enjoy this one. For details, click here Journeys without a map

To order it: In the UK – ask your nearest bookshop to get it for you. Or post-free from Blackwells:…/Journeys…/9781800463394

Outside the UK – order it post free from The Book Depository:…/9781800463394

The e-book will be available in about a week.

If you want a taster, check out my blog on this site, which has a few extracts

Journeys Without A Map: A Writer’s Life