Urdu language teaching

Between 1951 and 1982 Ralph Russell headed Urdu teaching at SOAS (ralph-russellSchool of Oriental & African Studies, University of London.) He produced extensive and unusually effective language learning materials, which were internally published in SOAS and are regrettably no longer in print.

From the early 1970s he pioneered short courses for adults in multicultural cities across the UK, and the teaching materials he trialled in these courses were brought together in A New Course In Urdu and Spoken Hindi. 

Ralph  also did a great deal to encourage teachers in linguistically diverse schools in the UK to value the the languages of their pupils, and worked with education authorities to persuade schools to teach them. He and several of his ex-students trained teachers on appropriate methods of teaching Urdu to pupils in this context.

There’s more information in Ralph’s 2008 website:

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