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I blog about once a month – about people who have influenced me, inspired my fiction, and keep me optimistic about human nature. Some of my blog posts are extracts to give you a taste of my new book, Journeys Without A Map: A Writer’s Life – if you enjoy them, get the book!

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12 thoughts on “My blog – fiction & real life

  1. It was good to watch you on Jashn e Rekhta today, and to learn about your work in promoting Urdu. Would certainly like to read your blogs.

  2. How lovely to hear from you again and have access to your past blogs. I have a lot to catch up on but will enjoy reading all about your thoughts so please continue to send me your blogs.

  3. Marion,
    What an amazing reawakening; the caterpillar may have taken its time to emerge into the spring sunshine, but I can’t wait to welcome the butterfly. Your 14th century writer’s quote is perfect.

  4. Your blog brought back memories, Marion, of my own family’s flight from Iraq & Saddam, back in the 1970s, and how it felt to leave everything and everyone behind and just leave, with two children, and no assurance of how we would survive in the UK. We were lucky but so many aren’t. If only those who reject “refugees” knew what had been endured…I believe rejection of “other” nationalities comes from fear – fear of the unknown, the unfamiliar – and if people only took the time and trouble to get to know these “others” we should not have the racism we have today in the UK. So am very happy to have found A Shield of Coolest Air, as our book group will be discussing it later this year and will look forward greatly to reading it.

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