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I was privileged to work for Save the Children for 13 years, in countries across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. I travelled to places tourists never see, to work alongside remarkable local people. The influence of these life-changing experiences inspired my latest novel, Uncertain Light.

I’ve also started writing short (true) stories capturing moments that highlight the dilemmas inherent in this challenging kind of work. The first to go public is ‘What was once a city,‘  about being flown into Mogadishu in the middle of a civil war – and it won the 2017 Yeovil Literature Prize!

In the years I was Save the Children’s senior advisor on its education work, I co-wrote and edited a series of short books for practitioners. In them we brought together examples from over 30 countries.  They have been translated into a number of languages and are used around the world. Click on the links to find out more about them:

Starting Young report cover
Starting Young
A chance in life report cover
A Chance in Life
Towards responsive schools report cover
Towards Responsive Schools
Working for change in education report cover
Working for change in education

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