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Photo: Discussing problems of education in South Sudan
Discussing how to support children’s education in South Sudan, in the midst of civil war

Growing up in apartheid South Africa, I realised early on that I was fortunate and that many people around me weren’t. That’s the basis of a sense of justice, and as I learnt more about the history of my own country and others, that grew into a desire to find a way of contributing to positive social and political change.

I was privileged to work for Save the Children for 13 years, in countries across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. I travelled to places tourists never see, to work alongside remarkable local people. The influence of these life-changing experiences is evident in my latest novel, Uncertain Light.

It also resulted in a series of short books that I co-wrote and edited, drawing examples from the work of colleagues in over 30 countries.  They have been translated into a number of languages and are used around the world. Click on the links to find out more about them:

Starting Young report cover
Starting Young
A chance in life report cover
A Chance in Life
Towards responsive schools report cover
Towards Responsive Schools







Working for change in education report cover
Working for change in education

In all my earlier roles – in Zambia and the UK,  with children or adults – I’ve always been aware of the vital role education can play in society. I have written, lectured and campaigned on education issues with ethnic minorities and asylum seekers, founded a refugee support group in South London, and been a trustee of not-for-profit educational initiatives.













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