Who needs poetry?


The wind blows hard, the night is dark, the stormy waves are rising
The anchor’s chain is broken, and the captain is asleep

British politics? Trump? Communal violence? Actually it’s the poet Ghalib in the early 19th century,  commenting on the world around him Delhi – or perhaps on life in general; and in the first chapter of my novel the words lodge in the mind of Tessa as she faces  a very personal crisis. Read more

Backpacking through time

Famous Book Store -------- Express Photo By Amit Mehra 03 Sept 2015

A chance encounter in a bookshop in Old Delhi … Books overflowing everywhere … Tessa, a young traveller with a backpack …That’s where the central story of Uncertain Light  began.

Preparing to go to India, I’m thinking back to my own first journey there – also solo with a backpack, but I wasn’t a nineteen-year old on a gap year, I was thirty-seven.Read more

A special kind of courage


Yet again, more tragic deaths of aid workers. On the night of 2nd June, in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan, nine Afghans were attacked as they slept, and murdered by an unknown armed group. They were working for People in Need, which has been in the area for more than 10 years, delivering health, education and agriculture support in this starkly beautiful but implacably dry area.Read more