Creative projects

– with other people – encouraging others to write and to share creative ideas.

Kids Together

Take a look at this fantastic on-line magazine, entirely written by children aged 6 – 15. It’s way more creative than I could have imagined when we started. I was thinking about children and parents stuck at home during lockdown while schools are closed – particularly tough on parents trying to keep their own work going while now taking on home-schooling. But also – potentially there is so much more unstructured time to be creative. I got together six children aged between 11 and 14 – my grandchildren and others – to plan a magazine that could publish short articles about what they’re doing. We had a few zoom meetings, they came up with the ideas of what could go into it, put together some of the first pieces, and wrote the invitation to other children to contribute. My designer friend Becky Joynt created a great website for it, and it’s now live and open to getting contributions from school-age children anywhere.

Please spread the word! And for any parents wondering about safety/privacy of photographs, look at the section ‘Who we are & How we work’.

National Women’s Register

My last book event before lockdown.
With Caroline Worsley & Hilary Hiscox of the North Somerset Branch of the National Women’s Register

This is a great organisation with local groups across the UK that “connect women who are interested in everything and talk about anything!” They meet regularly in each other’s homes – they’re open and welcoming – women moving to a new town have found a way to get to know people through a local NWR group. Some have been going for years and members have supported each other through many life changes. Currently I’m their patron, and have been invited to talk to groups in regional and national gatherings.

From October I’m doing a series of zoom interviews for their members, country-wide. It’s called Creative Women – each of the women has found their way to a remarkable creative life, often after a long time doing other things. They are all women I met while travelling to talk to groups about my novel Uncertain Light and they feature in my latest book, Journeys Without a Map.

The schedule of interviews is on the Events page. If you’d like to listen, consider joining NWR! Here’s a link to find out more: