Welcome to my website. It has information about my books, and I look forward to hearing from you if you read them.

My blog  is about what inspires my books, and the people and places I encounter while travelling with them.

The two novels I am currently featuring are:

If you can walk, you can dance –  just been relaunched this year. In 1999 it won a Commonwealth Writers Prize for the best book in the Africa region, and this year has been  newly published in India, where it was nominated for the Bangalore Literature Festival Book Prize.

Uncertain Light – it starts when a peace negotiator is taken hostage in the mountains of Tajikistan, and follows what happens to those closest to him.
It was short-listed for two Uncertain Light book coverinternational awards – the UK based Rubery Book Awards, and the US based Indie Book Awards.

I enjoy talking about my books to groups across the UK and elsewhere – see Events for details, and comments from organisers.